New Jersey Charitable Solicitation Law Update

According to the Center for Non-Profits, the state association of nonprofits in New Jersey, effective May 1, the  New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is requiring all annual charities registration renewals and extension requests to be filed through a state-run online portal. New Jersey requires most charitable organizations that solicit funds in the state to register and file annual financial reports. There are exceptions for small organizations that raise less than $10,000 annually and do not use a professional fundraiser, religious organizations, and educational organizations. The Center for Nonprofits has asked the Division to revert to accepting paper filings due to concerns about the online portal, including vague instructions, lack of available context-sensitive assistance, limited responsiveness to inquiries, difficulty in locating and uploading information, recordkeeping and processing backlogs at the Charities Registration office which can prevent access to key areas of the portal, and that it fails to meet the statutory requirement to incorporate Form 990 information by reference.