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Alabama Fundraising Regulation Update

If your organization (professional fundraiser, professional solicitor or commercial co-venturer) is registered with the Alabama Attorney General to solicit charitable contributions, on-going compliance can now be fullfilled through the new online portal effective immediately.  Renewal applications, contracts, bonds and other documents can be uploaded directly onto the site.  This site also accepts credit or debit cards to process payment.  Paper forms and checks will no longer be accepted for registration processing in Alabama. Annual registration is still due every year on or before September 30th.

Commercial co-venturers registering for the first time with the Alabama Attorney General must complete the application online.  Similarly, professional fundraisers registering for the first time must complete the application online online.

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North Dakota Annual Report for Charitable Solicitation

North Dakota’s Charitable Solicitation Annual Report is due September 1.  The Annual Report can be obtained online at  Note that North Dakota does not require a copy of the organization’s tax return.  If your organization’s fiscal year ends between June 1, 2017 and September 1, 2017, a three (3) month extension can be requested by submitting the state extension form.  If your organization follows any other fiscal period, it must file by the deadline or pay the late fee.

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